Top Ten Stocks - Know the Odds Before Investing Your Money

Top Ten Stocks – Know the Odds Before Investing Your Money

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With the economic downturn having left the stock market upset by huge numbers, numerous investors have walked away with big losses. However there are still certain companies who are the hope of the market and are continuing to shine.

Top Ten Stocks

In the lines that follow, you will come across the top ten stocks you can invest in. Let’s get started:

1. Exxon Mobil CP (XOM)

If you are worried about the company leaving you in a loss, worry not. The company is one of the most profitable ones on the stock front and has shown significant progress. Moreover, Exxon is not at all risky like Shell or BP and overall is a good venture which you can put your money into.

2. ProShares UltraShort Technology (REW)

Showing impressive figures in the market, this is one company which delivers as it promises. For this reason, when you invest in ProShares, good returns are a must. The performance of the company shows that at least for the near future, the company is stable and cannot be doubted for any real reason. ProShares began in February with a closing price noted at 76.07 and at 26th of the same month, the closing price was noted down to be 81.66.

3. Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

Looking at the company’s history of operations for the last 6 months, ATVI has not escaped the recession altogether. The company has some excellent plans for the future which if executed right will take ATVI to higher levels within no time.

4. Safeway (SWY)

This recession has not done any bad to Safeway and the company has had a good time. Although the stocks have been slightly jumpy, there is nothing to doubt about SWY. It has shown profits which are consistently increasing with the last profit reported at 12%.

5. Best Buy (BBY)

With the Circuit City closing down and having left the market, Best Buy has risen to the opportunity in an excellent manner. The company has shining since then its stock price has almost doubled in the past few months. Regardless of the economy situations, Best Buy is looking to be a promising venture.

6. MasterCard (MA)

Having limited credit risk is what keeps MasterCard in a safe zone. With the world going plastic, the company will have a promising future. In the last quarter, the revenue reported by the company showed a growth of 14%.

7. NetFlix, Inc (NFLX)

NetFlix’s performance can be very surprising to some. The company has a stock price which has doubled in a matter of two months and its last quarter’s revenue shows an excellent growth of 19%. During the recession, the company is expected to break some serious records.

8. General Electric Co. (GE)

The poor performance delivered by GE last year has made it an unexpected pick in the top ten stocks. However, the low stock price is continuing to attract many investors.

9. Dollar Tree, Inc. (DLTR)

Success prone even in recessions, the company will continue to expand and will not leave investors disappointed.

10. Pet Smart, Inc. (PETM)

With the world being more fond of pets, the company’s future seems all good.  PETM’s stock price will gain support over time.

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