Companies Having Stocks with High Dividends - Is it Worth the Deal?

Companies Having Stocks with High Dividends – Is it Worth the Deal?

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When the stock market is the question, a lot of research needs to be done in order to make the right decisions. Since the market is changing by leaps and bounds every now and then, the information that you need your brain to process is too much. For this reason, finding stocks with high dividends often becomes a problem. Below is a list compiled to help interested individuals like you. In the lines that follow, you will learn about several stocks with high dividends. Let’s begin:

AT&T: AT&T is a rising stock with the board members buying approximately 9000 shares of the company’s stock in July. At the current stock prices and dividend payout, AT&T is paying an annual yield of 5%. The company is known to be quite defensive having a beta of only 0.2. Looking at the financials of the company, it is concluded that AT&T has satisfactory financials which are stable and reflect consistency. The growth coming from the wireless sector has however been cancelled out due to a massive decline in that segment. However this change has affected AT&T’s financials and its revenue and earnings by 1- 2% in the entire year.

Companies Having Stocks with High Dividends

Freeport – McMoran Copper and Gold: This is another high yielding stock. The company has a stock down of 13% in the past year going against a market which has shown return of 20%. Freeport’s current dividend yield stands at 4.3%. One of the main factors which has resulted in the stock’s decline is the market disapproval of the company’s recent act of acquiring two companies, oil and gas respective.

ely: It is also predicted that diversification of the company may bring a negative impact on the company name thereby weakening the focus of its management by a significant extent.

Phillip Morris: This one has also been a prominent high yielding stock on the list. The board of directors are known to have purchased 1000 shares of the company’s stock at a share price of $89 in the end of July. The company is currently offering a dividend yield of 3.8%. However, this yield is reportedly the lowest as compared to other companies in the cigarette industry. The experts believe that the company still has excellent future prospects and will improve in the upcoming years. Although the growth of the company is not as strong in most parts of the world, Phillip Morris revenue and earnings have shown a decrease as compared to the figures prevailing in the year 2012.

Hersha Hospitality Trust: Owning hotel properties, Hersha failed to give satisfactory performance in the financial crisis that prevailed which has why its dividend has not yet recovered from the severe levels it decreased to back in 2008. However the yield can be called to be somewhat high at 4.3% however with other opportunities available, experts conclude that investing in Hersha may not be worth the deal.

Go through the above list of high yielding stocks and make your investment decisions accordingly. After all, money does not grow out on the trees.

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