A Look At Some High Dividend Paying Stocks

A Look At Some High Dividend Paying Stocks

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Dividend stocks are the perfect way of making your money work for you instead of you working for your money. If you are able to get the high dividend paying stocks on your list, you get a significant enhancement in your investment portfolio. Sometimes it means a little profit and sometimes it can mark the up and down in a year. It is essential to acknowledge that unlike other stocks, dividend stocks offer cash back after your investment. This can be reinvested for further growth if the company or business is expected to stay profitable in future. However, these stocks are extremely unpredictable and, besides huge profits, can result in huge losses too. So, you need to figure out and know which ones deserve your investment and will return manifold profits.

High Dividend Paying Stocks
Following is a list of a few of the high dividend paying stocks that you might want to consider when purchasing any.

1. Altria Group

This company is an American manufacturer of products for international distribution and exports. They deal in making tobacco, wine and some smokeless items. It is the parent of the U.S Smokeless Tobacco Company and the Philip Morris Capital Corporation, along with many others. It has the renowned brands of Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal, Benson & Hedges, Black & Mild and Chateau Ste Michelle under its name. The average per year yield on the stocks of this company is 5% which does not seem like a big deal. Nevertheless, the predicted price by analysts is expected to rise leading to a higher and better yield by this time next year.

2. Potash

The Potash Corporation is a famous Canadian company that deals in manufacturing and selling of feed products and fertilizers. Their main target market is North American, specifically Canada and the U.S. Although, in recent times this may seem like a gamble, as the price of potash per ton is almost half of what it usually costs and profits are low for the business and for any investors. However, an intelligent analyst can predict the upswing where the price will change the market and the profits in the investor’s favor. You will be astonished to know that the dividend stock is likely to get a payout of 33% by next year. Thus, investing in this company is a very smart idea with the highest expectations attached to it.

3. Barrick Gold

This company has twenty-seven mines operating around the globe and also has its holdings in the oil and gas market in Canada. It deals in the production and sale of gold and copper items and is likely to return good profits on divided paying stocks. Analysts predict an average price of $22 and the profits of the business are likely to enhance and output reasonable yield.

Although the above are some of the high yielding dividend stocks, you can easily find many more to pick from. Nevertheless, it is important to look for stocks that are on sale if you intend to invest. Basically, making the most out of these dividend stock deals is dependent on finding the good ones on sale and purchasing them.

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