A List Of Some Of The Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

A List Of Some Of The Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

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Dividend paying stocks involve a lot of risks and purchasing them should be a very shrewd decision based on intelligent market analysis and most probable forecast. The investing criteria should be dependent on the earnings, dividend yield, EPS growth, revenue, operating margin, return on investment and market capitalization. If you are an investor, you must be well aware of the risk of losses along with the high profits that growing companies can yield. So, obviously not every dividend paying stock is a good buy even if it is rising in price, it is a smarter strategy to search for those which have a higher probability of reward and profit against the risk of investment. Hence, if you are planning to invest, we have compiled a small list of the highest dividend paying stocks that have a high likelihood of bringing you amazing profits.

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

ConAgra Foods

It is a popular name in the industry of food with its branded and value-added products. They have an earnings payout of an amazing 63% and the company provides $1 million every year in dividend payments. The yield of the company based on the price of their food products is 3.3 percent. In the past few years the gain has been 1.2 percent only but with analysts prediction of a rising food price in the next twelve months, the dividend payments will be good and the company will encounter a gain of 20 percent. The annual return can increase to up to 4 percent if ConAgra Foods persists at the same rate of growth.


Well known in the beverage industry and also a manufacturer of snacks, dairy products and other food items, this company has earnings payout of about 56 percent which is incredibly high. The business pays $2.15 in dividends on an annual basis for a yield of about 3 percent and has one of the highest paying dividend stocks. The trend is towards growth and shares have been higher in the last few months. They have shown a 7 percent enhancement. They have changes their price and ever-increasing dividend payments lead to this decision. So, betting in favor of this company and buying its dividend paying deal will be the smart thing to do.

General Electric

The famous name in electronics and home appliances , has gradually enhanced its dividend share and analysis reveal more than $18 billion as a return to shareholders where most will be going to buybacks. Revenue is expected to increase from 5 percent to 10 percent. Although, it is understandable that the yield at this point is low but you can invest in this company, looking at their rate of growth over the past few years, and reckon that the yield is likely to increase reach more than 3.2 percent.

China Mobile Limited

This enterprise has a market capitalization of more than $200 billion. It generates a high revenue of above $90 billion and for twelve months the earnings per share have been around $5. However, in the last year this company paid a portion in the form of dividends to numerous shareholders. And earnings have been growing at 12.6 percent in recent times.

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